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I will be updating the blog soon with pictures from our picnic! A lot is going on at CHERUBS and I want to tell you all about it!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Braden today...

Braden is now 19 months old and doing well. He is ready for Halloween!
Here is my family. This picture was taken shortly after Braden had his CDH repair in the NICU at CHOP.

BRADEN'S STORY (short version)

Braden was born on 3/13/08 at Grand View Hospital in Sellersville, Pennsylvania. He was born at 5:13 am and weighed 7 lbs. and 6 oz. When he struggled to breathe after birth they whisked him away for observation. About an hour later we were told he needed surgery. He was in a helicopter on the way to CHOP before I knew what was wrong with him.

Sometime during that morning someone (a nurse, my OB perhaps) told me about CDH. It didn't mean much to me as I had never heard of it before. My husband had left to go to CHOP and I was left in the hospital with no newborn. Luckily, my daughter came to visit me that day with my parents. I had received news that Braden arrived safely to CHOP and my husband was with him.

He was very stable and was ready for surgery the next day to repair his right sided diaphragmatic hernia. I was released that morning and made it to CHOP in time to see him before the procedure. It was still a shock to see him in the NICU with all the equipment but I knew he was doing well. The surgery was successful and he did not require a patch. He did have his appendix removed during the repair.

Braden came off all support within five days of his repair. He did everything he was supposed to and even starting drinking with no delays. He came on March 25, 2008. He was 12 days old.

Looking back I can't believe this happened. I had no idea of the seriousness of CDH until after Braden came home and I started doing some research. I'm so thankful for my miracle boy!

I hope to post more CDH stories from PA, NJ, and DE soon!

Please send them to me!


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This is a blog for all CHERUBS members that live in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. My name is Karla Holt and I am the CHERUBS state representative for PA, NJ, and DE. I live in Bucks County, Pennsylvania with my family. My cherub is Braden. He was born 3/13/08. I will be sharing his story and pictures soon. Welcome! I look forward to hearing from everyone!